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Ordr let’s your customer check out the menu, order food and pay their bill from one app. So they can eat when they want and leave when they want.  


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  • PPay When You're Ready
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With the Ordr app, there’s no more waiting. For anything.


  • PStay In Your Seat
  • POrder Your Food
  • PHave It Delivered To You

With the Ordr app you won’t miss a moment of the big game.

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Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

Giada de Laurentiis.


Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in the process does the customer pay?

The customer is charged as soon as their order is placed; if there is a mistake on the order a partial or full refund can be placed through the Ordr partners portal for a venue or restaurant. 

Do people have to create an account or can they checkout as a guest?

Customers can choose to place orders as a guest but they will not be credited with “Ordr points” for orders placed outside of their profile.

How does tipping work?

TIpping is an option presented to your customers once they’ve selected their choice of food and beverage, we prompt your customers with a default 15% ,20%, 25%, and other as options. 

What if I need a refill? is there a way to notify the kitchen or waiter that I need a refill? What about other needs that aren't in the app, such as a side of ranch?

We know customers like ordering the same thing, more than once. We’ve built out an “order again” button allowing your customers to select a single beverage and have that order placed again without having to go through the full process.

How does it work when a person orders at a stadium and there are more than one restaurant that fulfills the order?

When setting up the venue on our Ordr partners backend, we work with you to help navigate appropriate restaurants for certain sections. Customers can still access every single restaurant in a venue however they will be limited to ordering ahead and mobile pickup solution only. 

“We’ve been looking for a solution like this for years. Our customers love to be in control of their experiences. Not only have we been able to service more customers, but they seem happier too!”

“Ordr is a homerun. Turning every seat into a point of sale was genius. Our fans hate missing any part of the game they paid to see. With Ordr, they don’t have to miss anything!”

“I was watching a family with small children eating at our restaurant a while ago. Their children were struggling simply because of all the wait time. Since Ordr people can leave when they are ready.”

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At Ordr the only thing we love more than food is making your experience even better. Download the Ordr app today and never miss a moment.

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