The New Norm in Event Experience

In today’s hyperconnected world, the sports industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. The seismic shift towards a digital-first approach, combined with the growing expectations of modern sports fans, are crafting a new norm in fan engagement. More than just a game, fans are looking for an all-encompassing, seamless experience that enhances their love for the sport and brings them closer to the action.

These fans, often termed as the ‘connected fans’, are technology-savvy and crave unique, interactive experiences that go beyond the traditional viewing parameters. They are keen to see in-stadium Wi-Fi, interactive apps, and other technology-oriented initiatives to heighten their engagement levels and make their experience more personalized and enjoyable. From social media interaction to in-depth analyses of the game, today’s fans want to feel an integral part of the event they are witnessing.

The concept of ‘in-seat delivery’ has emerged as one of the key components of modern fan engagement. A game is not merely about the match anymore; it’s also about the convenience, the atmosphere, and the overall experience. Fans no longer want to miss out on crucial moments of the game waiting in long queues for food or merchandise. They want everything delivered to their seats, allowing them to remain completely immersed in the spectacle on the field.

This is where companies like Ordr step in. They cater to the connected fan’s needs, providing a seamless and efficient in-seat delivery service that allows fans to order food, drinks, and even merchandise straight to their seats. By leveraging technology, they are elevating the in-stadium experience, ensuring that fans don’t have to choose between satisfying their hunger and missing a pivotal moment of the game.

The demand for such services is rapidly increasing. A recent survey found that over 70% of fans were more likely to attend an event if they knew such services were available. These numbers present a substantial opportunity for venues and event organizers to step up their game and meet the expectations of the modern fan.

The time is now to embrace the changing landscape of sports fan engagement. Offering in-seat delivery and other tech-driven services isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity that can significantly enhance fan experience, boosting attendance and, in turn, revenue.

Are you a venue or an event organizer interested in revolutionizing your fan engagement strategy? Contact Ordr today, and let’s redefine the way fans experience their favorite sports events. Together, we can create an unparalleled in-stadium experience that keeps fans coming back for more.