From Contender to Champion:  How Concessionaires Can Win with Mobile Ordering

The Restaurant Transformation

In recent years, traditional restaurants have undergone a tremendous transformation. They’ve embraced mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, and innovative technologies to enhance customer experience and boost revenue. In comparison, concessionaires at sports venues are just getting started. This guide explores the lessons concessionaires can learn from restaurants and how they can step into the ring to scale up in-seat delivery.

Restaurant Success Stories – The Blueprint for Concessionaires

The Rise of Mobile Ordering

From Starbucks to McDonald’s, many restaurant chains have implemented mobile ordering, making it easier for customers to place orders from their smartphones. The results have been stunning. Starbucks, for instance, reported that over two-thirds of its U.S. transactions were made via mobile order, drive through or delivery as of August 2022.

Lessons for Stadiums

Concessionaires can replicate this success by reducing concession lines and creating incremental revenue through mobile ordering. Offering fans the option to order from their seats can enhance their game-day experience significantly.

The Fan Experience – The Heart of In-Seat Delivery

No More Waiting in Line

Just as restaurants have eliminated lines through mobile ordering, stadiums can do the same. Taco Bell, for example, has reduced service times by up to 15% using their app.

In-Seat Delivery – The Game Changer

Bringing food and drinks to fans’ seats is a game-changer. It turns casual fans into loyal ones by providing an unparalleled experience. 

The Power of Convenience

Restaurants have found that offering takeout options increases customer loyalty. The same can apply to stadiums with in-seat delivery. It’s all about convenience and personalized service.

Incremental Revenue – The Financial Knockout Punch

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Self-ordering kiosks in restaurants like McDonald’s have led to an increase in up-selling and cross-selling. People are more likely to buy additional items when ordering themselves. Concessionaires can apply this strategy to stadiums to increase incremental revenue.

Case Studies

Chipotle’s digital sales grew 216% year over year in Q2 2020, showcasing the power of mobile ordering and its impact on revenue.

The Logistics – Easier Than You Think

Restaurants Did It, So Can You

Implementing mobile ordering and in-seat delivery is not an insurmountable task. Restaurants have proved that with the right blend of technology and training, it’s achievable.

Training and Technology

With appropriate training for staff and leveraging technology that suits the stadium’s unique requirements, in-seat delivery becomes a feasible reality.

Conclusion – Time to Step into the Ring

The evidence is clear: mobile ordering, in-seat delivery, and self-ordering kiosks are not just trends; they are the future of fan experience. Like prize fighters who must face punches to win the fight, stadiums must embrace these changes to succeed. The restaurant industry has shown the way; now it’s time for concessionaires to follow.

*If restaurants can do it, so can stadiums. The playbook is there, waiting to be picked up. Don’t just be a contender; be a champion. Concessionaires, are you ready?*