Let’s Break the Cycle and Make In-Seat Delivery the Real MVP

A Swing and a Miss

Why “Mobile Ordering” Is Currently Just a Buzzword

You’ve probably heard the term “mobile ordering” thrown around like a hot potato in the realm of sports venues. It sounds like the silver bullet for enhancing the fan experience, doesn’t it? But here’s the twist: Many venues have tripped over their shoelaces on their way to implementing it effectively. The essence of mobile ordering is not just to make ordering easier; it’s to elevate the entire fan experience. And sadly, a lot of venues are dropping the ball.

The Pick-Up Paradox

When Mobile Ordering Doesn’t Tackle the Real Issues

If you’re a fan who has to place an order on your phone and then get up to collect it, what problem is being solved? Spoiler alert: Not much. While “express pick-up” might appear to reduce concession lines and increase incremental revenue, it does zilch for the core issue — missing the action. It’s like having a relay team without a baton; you’re running, but you’re not achieving the goal.

Where We’re Going Wrong

A Reality Check on Industry Data

Here’s a sobering stat: many food and beverage operators report that their mobile revenue is often less than 1%. Less. Than. One. Percent. It’s no wonder concessionaires aren’t jumping through hoops to make mobile ordering a priority. But let’s be real; the low figures could very well be because fans don’t even know this service exists and because the service doesn’t actually solve the issue of missing the game’s critical moments.

The Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

In-Seat Delivery: The Home Run We Need

When it comes to effective mobile ordering, in-seat delivery hits it out of the park. With cart values 46.4% greater than the venue’s average, as seen at ReMax Field, the incremental revenue alone makes it worth the investment. And let’s not forget the 47.8% repeat user rate — fans love it!

Time to Step Up to the Plate

A Call to Concessionaires: The Clock is Ticking

If you’re a concessionaire still clinging to outdated methods, consider this your warning track. Teams and fans alike are clamoring for an authentic, all-encompassing experience that includes in-seat delivery. And guess what? Contract renewals are looming. “With Ordr, the customer experience is orders of magnitude better,” says Ryan Gregg, Operations Manager at Edmonton Riverhawks. Your game plan needs to include in-seat delivery at scale, or else you’ll be left in the dust.

Conclusion: The Final Whistle

Make the Right Play or Risk Being Benched

So, here’s the deal: in-seat delivery is not just the future; it’s the present. With data and testimonials backing its effectiveness, there’s no reason to be on the fence. As contract renewals approach, it’s high time for concessionaires to take in-seat delivery seriously. Get your game face on, team up with strategic partners like Ordr, and let’s make the fan experience what it should be—amazing.