Proven provider of smart stadium technology experiencing rapid growth in U.S. sports and entertainment venues

EDMONTON, AB – April 25, 2023 – Ordr, the leading innovators of in-seat ordering, delivery and payment solutions, today signaled intent to significantly expand its U.S. market presence, having signed a number of new collaborations, deals and partnerships with U.S. sports stadiums and entertainment venues. From Salt Lake City to Dallas to St. Louis, teams are adopting the company’s technology to boost stadium revenue and forever change how fans order food, beverage and team merchandise.

“2023 will be the year fans forget what it means to stand in line. Now fans can order a hotdog and a beer directly from their seats and never miss key moments,” said Evan Wain, COO and co-founder at Ordr. “New technologies, such as the Ordr app, are changing how we order food, beverage and merchandise at our favorite events, providing a better fan experience. As a result, we’re seeing enormous growth in the U.S. market right now.”

Boosting Food, Beverage and Merchandise Sales

Between increased food and beverage sales and the removal of end-of-event rushes on merchandising areas, the stadiums that adopt Ordr’s in-seat technology show that 77 percent of total stadium orders are for in-seat delivery. In addition, data from Ordr implementations demonstrates an 89 percent increase in average order size for facilities utilizing the platform, showcasing that in-seat VIP convenience drives fans to purchase more food/beverage and exclusive merchandise. Noted Wain, “Strategic collaborations turn every seat into a potential point-of-sale opportunity, providing a powerful way to boost overall stadium sales revenue.”

Easy Integrations
The company recently worked with CounterPoint, the new Utah Jazz private-label apparel and lifestyle brand, providing in-seat merchandise ordering and delivery during its promotional launch. With the addition of Ordr, fans could browse and choose CounterPoint apparel straight from their seat. For the promotion, Ordr integrated with the existing Utah Jazz app, adding the new ability to manage merchandise orders of the CounterPoint brand. “The ease of integration is a key factor for most stadiums and a clear differentiator of Ordr’s,” said Jade Chiles, CEO and co-founder at Ordr. We’re thrilled to have had Ordr utilized in another large stadium venue and to expand our U.S. market presence.”

Ordr anticipates several additional integrations in the coming weeks that will allow the company to rapidly expand its U.S. footprint — both with individual venues and franchises, as well as with strategic partners.


About Ordr
Ordr is a leading provider of innovative mobile ordering and payment solution technology and service offerings for leading sports and entertainment venues. The company’s flagship product, Ordr: Skip the Lines, is a convenient, simple-to-use app that enriches the fan experience by providing in-seat ordering, payment and delivery of food, beverages, apparel and more. With Ordr, fans can skip the lines and not miss a moment of their favorite sports and entertainment events. Ordr also allows stadiums and other venues to benefit from increased concession sales, shorter concession wait times, increased fan access to apparel and merchandising lines and insightful data to continue enhancing the experiences of its patrons. For more information visit:


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