Why Previous Mobile Ordering Fails Shouldn’t Discourage You

The Winning Formula is Here!

The Common Misconception About Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering Isn’t a Failure; It’s Just Been Misapplied!

Mobile ordering is not a new concept, but its application within stadiums and arenas has seen mixed results. Often, the negative perception stems from an incomplete solution – offering pickup only, leading to low adoption rates. Imagine the fan’s frustration of leaving their seat and missing a critical play. It’s not the concept that has failed; it’s the execution. In this guide, we will explore how to turn this around with in-seat delivery.

The Real Pain Point – Leaving Your Seat

Miss the Action No More! How In-Seat Delivery Changes Fan Experience

A game or concert is an immersive experience. The last thing fans want to do is leave their seat and stand in a long line for concessions. This fear has led to a mere 1% adoption rate in some venues offering mobile ordering for pick-up only. But there’s a solution: in-seat delivery. It doesn’t just reduce concession lines; it revolutionizes the fan experience.

The Right Approach – A Partner Who Believes in the Mission

Together We Stand; Together We Deliver

Choosing the right partner who truly believes in enhancing the fan experience is key. A shared vision ensures that the implementation process is smooth and that marketing activations are strategically aligned. Testimonials from ReMax Field and the Edmonton Riverhawks emphasize how collaboration makes a difference:

Ordr made the implementation process much easier that I could have ever anticipated. From setting up our menu to training our staff and providing on-site and remote support, we were able to simultaneously improve our customer experience and impact our bottom line almost immediately.”

Kim Capjack – General Manager, Passionate Hospitality Group

Incremental Revenue and a Better Fan Experience

Turning Skepticism into Success

With the right approach, venues can see more than just an improvement in fan experience; they can also generate incremental revenue. A well-executed in-seat delivery program doesn’t merely solve the problem; it creates opportunities. 

Real-Life Success – A Case Study

How ReMax Field and the Edmonton Riverhawks Nailed It

By working closely with Ordr, these venues have shattered the mobile ordering myth. The stats speak for themselves, and the testimonials echo the triumph.

“The fan experience is paramount to our organization, and Ordr helped us improve that significantly by reducing concession wait times. Their streamlined approach made the implementation process quick and easy. We are currently in the process of expanding the program for next year so we can handle a higher volume of orders for our fans. With Ordr, the customer experience is orders of magnitude better.”

Ryan Gregg — Operations Manager, Edmonton Riverhawks

Your Next Step – Embrace the Future

Don’t Be Left Behind; The Future of Concessions is Here!

Mobile ordering with in-seat delivery is not a distant dream. It’s here, and it’s working. The question isn’t whether you should adopt it but how soon. Are you ready to climb into the ring and make it happen?