In the fast-paced realm of sports sponsorship, the traditional “pay to play” approach is becoming outdated. It’s simply not yielding the desired results for teams and concession holders anymore. With the advent of new technologies, sticking to old sponsorship ways, especially concerning food delivery, could result in significant setbacks. Here’s a closer look at the reasons behind this shift and a clear example to illustrate it.

The Downfall of “Pay to Play”

“Pay to play” is when large corporations spend big to secure sponsorship rights, buying their way into partnerships without necessarily offering the best product or aligning with the values of the sport or venue. The focus is on the brand, not on a genuine fit or enhancing the user experience.

Today’s fans are discerning; they notice when a service or brand doesn’t match their team or venue’s ethos. Any compromise in their experience can tarnish the reputation of both the team and the sponsor. This mismatch is glaring when tech companies enter areas they’re not well-suited for.

The UberEats and Yankees Fiasco

Take the overhyped partnership between UberEats and the Yankees as an example. On its first day, a significant problem arose: Uber’s payment systems failed. This wasn’t just a small issue; it highlighted the risks of using a broad platform in a specialized environment.

While UberEats may be great for home delivery, sports stadiums are a whole different scenario. They come with dense crowds, specific seating arrangements, and the fast-paced nature of live games, which all make in-seat delivery a complex service.

Ordr: A Customized Approach for Stadiums

This is where Ordr comes in, a service built to tackle these exact challenges. Ordr isn’t a generalist “pay to play” sponsor. We specialize in one thing: enhancing the fan experience at sports venues. We’re tuned into the atmosphere of live events, the fans’ excitement, and the need for an uninterrupted experience. With Ordr, fans can stay focused on the game, without disruptions from payment issues or other hiccups.

The Future: Choosing Innovation Over Sponsorship

As the sponsorship landscape evolves, it’s clear that the highest bidder might not be the best match. Integration should be natural, and the services provided should contribute positively to the fan experience.

Ordr exemplifies this philosophy. We prioritize effective solutions over high-profile sponsorships, ensuring that fans remain engaged, vendors are pleased, and the sports experience is improved.

For teams and venues seeking a dependable, fan-centric partner, it’s time to move on from traditional sponsorship models. Opt for a partner like Ordr that truly grasps your unique challenges and can address them head-on.