Stop Settling for Field Goals When You Could Be Scoring Touchdowns

The Game is Changing

How “Enhancing the Fan Experience” has become the locker room pep talk for every team.

It’s no secret that “enhancing the fan experience” is the 2023 sports industry’s chant. As thrilling as the games are, teams and clubs know that fans are looking for a comprehensive experience, one that extends beyond just the game itself. This includes everything from parking to, you guessed it, concessions. But here’s the kicker: contract renewals with concessionaires are just around the corner for many teams, and those who haven’t played the fan experience game wisely may find themselves sitting on the bench.

The Priority List

While cheerleaders and anthems get the crowd pumped, it’s often the basics like food and drink that make or break the fan experience. According to data from ReMax Field, 81.23% of mobile orders are designated for in-seat delivery. Reduced concession lines, incremental revenue, and self-ordering kiosks are all part of the package that can take fan experience from zero to hero.

The Concession Contract Conundrum

When teams circle the wagons for contract renewal talks, they will be taking a closer look at the fan experience. If you’re a concessionaire without a viable in-seat delivery service in your plans, you’re essentially trying to win the championship without a quarterback. It’s a recipe for failure. Remember, a team’s priority is not just serving hot dogs, but serving hot dogs right where fans want them: in their seats.

The “Hail Mary” Approach

What’s the solution? Here’s a playbook from us at Ordr: Take the in-seat delivery option seriously. “Ordr made the implementation process much easier than I could have ever anticipated,” says Kim Capjack, General Manager at Passionate Hospitality Group. And Ryan Gregg, Operations Manager at Edmonton Riverhawks, notes, “With Ordr, the customer experience is orders of magnitude better.” This isn’t just talk; it’s game-changing action.

Lessons from the Field

Back to ReMax Field—47.8% of all orders were from repeat users. Also, cart values were 46.4% greater than the venue’s average, and mobile orders made up 15.2% of total transaction volume. The numbers don’t lie. In-seat delivery scales up not only the fan experience but also incremental revenue.

Last Call

The clock is ticking. Teams are growing increasingly demanding, and fans are getting impatient. If in-seat delivery isn’t in your playbook by now, consider this your two-minute warning. Partner up with the right team, like Ordr, and make it happen. After all, you can’t win the game if you don’t play.